Field Note: Check for mechanical damage to water filters

Field Note: Check for mechanical damage to water filters

Hear a new rattle inside you water filter? Don’t use it.

Favorite filter straw; light, small, sturdy, threaded, O-ring sealed construction. Didn’t turn my face blue pulling water through it.

Don’t let your water filter freeze. I think that’s what snapped the rigid element inside my NDUR Survival Straw–along with some pretty rough handling. I put it away indoors, end of last winter, then noticed a rattle, later. I disassembled it and found the black filter element had snapped off. The straw is no longer available for sale and I found no parts for sale online.

This well made straw is assembled using mostly threaded connections and O-ring seals, so field maintenance is easy, that’s an important quality for some of my destinations.

I carried my NDUR Survival Straw for several years along with other possibles inside a shoulder bag, a hydration pack, or a field box depending on work at hand. I used it for recreation a lot, too.

This was my backup or ultralight option for safe water anywhere work and play might take me. Occasionally, during rapid dashes into remote areas, I carried this as my only potable water option.

NDUR products are distributed by Proforce Equipment, Inc.

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